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Palmary Fashion has more than 12 years of foreign trade experience. We are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of dresses in Guangzhou of China. We are providing OEM and ODM services. Cooperate with us today and you will be assured of good services, quality products and competitive prices.

Printed dresses like floral print have become one of the most noteworthy new collections of the season, especially those designed dresses for prom. Large-sized garden flowers are used to decorate ball gowns and prom skirts, while day-dresses are decorated with vintage wallpaper prints to show nostalgic charm, which are also called vintage prom dresses. The designer's love for more artistic paintings of floral prints also indicates that this strong trend will continue. Laminated ruffles are one of the most popular design details on the women's ready-to-wear and womens evening party dress markets. Soft chiffon dresses are most loved by designer brands and will become the most common embellishment of decorative skirts, sundresses and blouses. From the high-necked Victorian style to the casual fit in the 70s, the lazy and romantic look is perfect for matching the ruffles.
This season's party dress or trendy womens clothing features a trendy silhouette, from the laminated bottom to a more innovative layering. The beaded prom dresses and two-piece suit are a continuation of the trend of the previous season. Floral prom dresses, layered ruffles and three-dimensional floral patterns play a key role in this season's prom dresses and evening gowns design. Forward-looking styles such as off-shoulder dresses and dark translucent blouses are the mainstays of the designer brand this season.
Elegant dresses evening or unique prom dresses have a large variety of colors. Which color do you think is the best?
Ballet Pink is still the popular color choice for formal wear evening dresses and prom dresses. Light pink is suitable for the sweet pleated dresses that show off at the beginning of the season, from light pink to pink, the pink of the millennium, there are different colors of light pink. Using it to create a formal dress for evening parties can reflect the girlish atmosphere of the color theme.
Silk prom dresses are generally smooth and silky. The light color is the elegant color choice for summer items, most commonly in a party dress and strap dress. Brands that have just started to create wedding dresses for the Millennium, such as have launched a series of simple and affordable wedding dresses to attract a new generation of brides. Shame red pink, antique white and light lilac purple are all key colors, and you can't ignore the soft silver that often appears on casual slings.
White tulle is the most commonly used fabric for summer dresses, From dress-style crocheted jumpsuits to lace wedding dresses full of classic charm, it spans almost every category. Ruffles, tiered and inlaid lace, and a stepped hem add a touch of romance to this season's white dress.
In order to meet the needs of consumers in new prom dresses, the designer brand launched a lot of black tulle dresses. A thin lining of tulle or decorative mesh fabric with a tunic silhouette and a bohemian windy top, such as an off-the-shoulder or country-inspired stack. The mashup on the styling is the best embodiment of the current urban feminine style. The combination of gorgeous party dress and simple slogans T-shirts makes people shine.
The large, shiny décor is used to embellish a range of party styles, including lace-up sandals and sparkly dresses clutches. Eye-catching slogans, color blocks, and exaggerated decorations such as feathers and pearls make the item look more exaggerated and playful. This season, the cross-body bag has become an ideal carrier for this sparkling decoration. The drawstring bag or the transparent synthetic resin cosmetic case with the chain armor and the illuminating charm has a strong visual appeal.

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We are professional manufacturer of the party dresses for more than 12 years. We have team to make any design dresses samples and productions from the first step until ship the goods out. We can make the dresses according to your original samples, drawings or pictures. We have good experience to work with the customers from overseas in the past 12 years. All of our dresses were exported to worldwide.
We believe that Quality is the life of enterprise. So we always keep high quality for all of our dresses. High quality fabrics and accessories, high quality finishing, high quality control.

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OEM and ODM service available. A good team to help developing and expanding customer's business.
Our own brand SEVENTH EVENING was registered by 2015.

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Custom sizes, custom colors.

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